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My Clean represents an opportunity to live life more powerfully and joyfully by stepping out and finding ways to inspire others to join you in making a difference in your community

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My Clean Ghaziabad's pilot program to create q school and community project with the Hindon Eco Park

 Dr Udita Tyagi, President of My Clean India, receives the Agreement from the Nagar Nigam of Ghaziabad to handover management of the Hindon Eco Park to My Clean India to work with the schools and colleges to create a model of what is possible with community participation.

Meerut - prizes, certificates medals under the My Clean School banner by the Janhit Foundation

Nainital a few years on

Left. From nothing, to pedal rickshaw to the Mission Butterfly waste truck. Right. District Magistrate M M Tripathi addresses Nainital students on Flats CUND 18th Sept 2012

The "Zero Kachra Abhiyan" campaign Ajmer

The Ajmer team at work and outstanding outcomes such as sponsorhship and valuable insights and pointers to future initiatives

My Clean Ghaziabad - Flower City

 My Clean Ghaziabad - City of Flowers. Includes students taking a pledge with Dr Udita Tyagi of csDishaa Foundation. 100 schools are being targetted with a range of activities

My Clean Ghaziabad – the Flower City, which has been adopted as pilot project for My Clean India.
Dr Udita Tyagi plans to divide the whole city of Ghaziabad into eight zones and each zone is being represented by one college, which has the dedicated team of 30 students apart from volunteers from that college. These dedicated college students are Leader Coordinator for the schools in their zone and responsible for organizing various activities related to My Clean Ghaziabad in Schools in their zone apart from handling the media also.(more).

Clean Up Ajmer Day

Ajmer's Clean Up Ajmer Day on 26 November including the distribution of 35,000 sankalps (oaths) to keep clean with some 5,000 students on the streets (more).



Meerut: Program for 1 November 2010 (advanced notice)
My Clean Police
launched by Janhit Foundation
Click image to download Janhit Foundation Feb newsletter announcing the big launch of Meerut Turning the Corner!
* Getting Started with My Clean
Meerut launches  My Clean Meerut with concept of Meerut turning the corner.
New PowerPoint (& video) to introduce My Clean School working with MCI for teachers.
* Video introducing My Clean School (narrated)
. Target achieved in My Clean Schools network. See eg. Ajmer.
* Agra campaign accelerating.
Essay competition for schools: What your (city/town/village) could look like in 2012 and what is necessary to make that happen?
Butterfly Bags.Bags made from polythene bags. Income generating, waste consuming.