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Conference/workshop jan 2012

Proposed topic:

Acknowledge champions who have contributed to community in the spirit of My Clean.

 Presentations from



Key topic speakers

 Topics could include...

·         Success stories of what worked and what hasn’t from My Clean Facilitators

·         Speakers such as water specialists, teachers, environment clubs, action groups.

·         Review of experiences: outcomes, what works; what doesn’t.

  • Awards to “champions ”in the spirit of My Clean(Appreciative Inquiry process). These “champions” will be nominated by Facilitators (My Clean India) and by schools (the ‘spotters’) under the aegis of Facilitators.
  • Invitations to national and international participants (notably My Clean Community from Australia.
  • Acknowledgment of sponsors (inc. website).
  • Reinforcement of Hub concept.
  • Examples of outcomes eg. recycled crafts, waste management systems (eg. Mission Butterfly).


·         Location. Proposals include Chennai (with support of Rotary Clubs, Dumka Jharkhand (managed by Capre Foundation there whose CEO is Bhavnaji Kauler) or other locations such as Delhi.

·         Keynote speakers: Local such as Akshay Shah with Mission Butterfly; Ian Kiernan (Clean Up the World), Millennium Kids, water specialists; community builders, UN, Australian Aboriginal Elders etc

·         Sponsors. Who, and benefit.

·         Master of Ceremonies

·         Government support

·         Duration (two days?)

To be considered.

  • Annual events managed by regional Facilitators.
  • Formal adoption of Hub concept.
  • On-going secretarial support perhaps by Capre (cost recovery basis).