Dr Romesh Sharma (centre, blue shirt) and his team from Faculty Environmental Science to fulfill the aim and objectives of MY CLEAN INDIA.

 Roorkee & Haridwar


The Coer Eco-Club has been established to provide the values of Environmental Consciousness and to develop Environmental Ethics among the students. A Club is working under the coordinator ship of Dr. Romesh Kumar Sharma, Faculty Environmental Science to fulfill the aim and objectives of MY CLEAN INDIA.

 Some following activities and task were planed to be covered under Coer Eco-Club Banner 

  1. Environment Cleaning and Plantation Program
  2. Documentaries screening on various Environmental Issues.
  3. Nature walk and Environment tour to various natural and polluted sites.
  4. Create taste from waste (reusing the waste article in useful products).
  5. Energy and Water Conservation Champion.
  6. To do Celebration on important Environment related Days (i.e. Environment Day. Ozone Day, Earth Day, Wildlife Week, Environmental Awareness Month etc.)
  7. Self Involvement through rallies and road show on various emerging issues i.e. Save and Protect Ganga River, Protect Biodiversity and reduce the use of non-biodegradable products etc.
  8. Last but not the least a practical approach towards practicing green manners/nature within self to approach Sustainable lifestyle.

Eco - Activities

  1. A numbers of students from technology, management and computer fields have participated in Oath function on September 2010. The aim of this Oath function is to develop the sense and the responsibility with honest working attitude within self for Environmental Conservation. This was followed by plantation of Neem tree within Coer campus. This function was blessed with the presence of Director General, Coer and Director SM, Coer.
  2. In the month of October 2010 Coer Eco-Club has organized Bird Watching Trip to Bheem Goda Barrage Wetland at Haridwar. Lots of winter migratory birds reached from various directions towards this barrage. Under the guidance of Dr. Romesh Kumar Sharma the students (eco members) learned the art of using binocular and telescope in connection to observe migratory avifauna at the site. As per Dr. Sharma this is an important and valuable event to come close to the nature and wildlife. As per Dr. Sharma, this kind of activity develops an eco caring bonding in between human and nature. In this trip the student team has recorded about eighteen winter migratory species of birds.
  3. The Eco Club has conducted an Environment Documentaries Screening Show activity within campus from November 2009 to February 2010. A total of three documentaries have been showed to the students related to Global Warming, Wildlife Conservation and on Environmental Social issues.
  4. In the month of March 2010 an eco-club worked to organize an event entitled “Make Your Dustbin Drive. In this event all the eco members has gathered at one place within campus and reutilized the old news papers and waste boxes from institute mess and create some eco dustbins. All these dustbins were placed within campus to do more management for waste management.
  5. On 18th April, 2010 Coer Eco-Club have organized Environmental Awareness trip to KUMBH MELA 2010. The aim of this trip was to create awareness among pilgrims and tourist regarding save and protect Ganga River by not to dump any waste material in river. 21 members and 17 volunteers of ECO CLUB COER headed by Dr. Romesh  Sharma, with a mission to save river Ganga, gathered at the starting point i.e. COER at 0930 hrs and after leaving the college campus at 1000 hrs we reached our destination in about an hour. We had the responsibility of spreading awareness for the protection of
    river Ganga on our shoulders. After having some refreshments, without wasting any time we moved forward on our mission. We started our rally from Hari Ki Pauri and covered almost 3 kms on foot till Chandi Ghat.  During the rally we lifted the banners & hoardings to spread our message, through which many people came to know the effects of pollution on rivers and its influence on us. This initiative of ECO
    CLUB, COER was also covered by the media wherein Amar Ujala newspaper covered our whole campaign which helped in spreading our message to more people.  After completing our rally we also went to an exhibition on protection of rivers from pollution where we got to learn many new things and also
    come to know about what our government is doing to save our rivers namely, Gomti River at Lucknow and Ganga at Haridwar, from getting polluted.  We also learnt about the working of Sewer Treatment Plant
    (STP). After attending the exhibition we left for COER at 1500 hrs.  None of us was willing to end this wonderful experience but with an anticipation of visiting again very soon we came back.
  1. In the month of May 2010 an Eco- Club has organized an important and innovated event entitled “Re-innovate-Use waste creates New Taste”. This event aims to use the innovative skills of the students for utilizing the waste materials (product within campus) for creating a new useful product. This type of exercise would not only help in utilizing the waste products but also enhance the skills of students in keeping them abreast in the care of the environment and also reusing of the waste material for a Green Clean. In this re innovative event a number of students had taken the participation and develop lot of products i.e. Eco-letter Pad, Eco-pen pencil stand, Eco-torch, Eco- showpiece, eco-photo holder, eco-money collection box and eco- camera stand etc.)