My Clean Ghaziabad - Flower City

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Flower City Project

“My Clean Ghaziabad – The Flower City” project coordinator Dr Udita Tyagi briefed the press about the further course of action in the project. “My Clean Ghaziabad – The Flower City” has been declared the pilot project of “My Clean India” by the Project Chairperson Mr Remco. He will be visiting India (Ghaziabad) in the month of October this year.

Dr Tyagi has divided the city in eight zones for the purpose of administration (Names). Each zone will be represented by a college in that zone. Each representative college will have a team of 30 students dedicated to the project apart from the volunteers. These dedicated college students will be Leader Coordinators for the schools in their zone and responsible for organizing various activities related to “My Clean Ghaziabad – The Flower Ciry” in Schools in their zones apart from handling the media.

These zones will compete with each other and Mr Remco will award the best zone during his visit.

 Dr Udita Tyagi

Project Coordinator

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 "My Clean Ghaziabad... the Flower City".... People from all walks of life joined the drive along with the Students and promised to come forward and help in whatever way they could..... Senior citizens in the age group of 70-80 offered their Unconditional Support to keep the city clean and be the Watchdog of the society....) Every passerby stopped and supported the cause....! I could see the transformation.... it is not a dream anymore.......:-)))!!!

First steps taken with before/after shots.Click image for orginal on Facebook.

The "My Clean Ghaziabad" project has started as "My Clean Ghaziabad - Flower City" as reported in various newspapers such as The students at two schools have already administered oath and started by Municipal Commissioner Mr. Jitender SIngh in the G.D.Goenka School and in the second school, Gurukul, Mayor of Ghaziabad was the Chief Guest to administer the Oath.

In the First Phase, the Team plan to conduct oath ceremonies in more than hundred schools with seven Schools are lined up for the 30th April.

Before the Summer vacation, the Team plans to hold a "Youth Icon" event for "My Clean Ghaziabad" project. Students from senior wing of various participating schools will participate in the event to share their vision about the Clean Ghaziabad and on the basis of that the Youth Icon will be selected. The Youth Icon will be the Brand Ambassador of the project throughout the Year. Principals of the all the schools will also take the "My Clean Ghaziabad" pledge.

After the Summer vacation, they plan to hold the painting competition in the participating schools, and then take it to the level of an Inter school painting competition. During that time allocation of street/area to the participating schools.

In the next phase, they are planning the street/area cleaning with the help of students of participating schools and the Municipal corporation to create awareness among the people.

The Ghaziabad Administration has extended its full support for the cause.


Under development, but Munishwar is exploring the following cards for using by the participating schools.